We believe in Beauty and in you.

Kampai – a brand built from a passion that had been brewing since that serendipities encounter on my aware of how much beauty is important in our life and taking care of ourself is the best way to communicate to the rest of the world a message of love and empathy

Korean products are known for being the most innovative and effective cosmetic in the market. Obsessed with quality our team could never proposed a customer something below his/her expectation.

Kampai motto is : “We treat our Customer as we would treat the person we loved most” easy but effective.

YES is true we deliver Beauty brands, we tested for a  minimum of 1 months and then we decide or not to launch them in the market, even though we are well aware that  is a very competitive market, competition does not scare but rather give us an extra motivation to strive the best and look for the most sensational product to offer.
Our promise is that we will bring you only the best and most innovative products, and the most up-to-date skincare trends, tips and tricks that we absolutely love ourselves.

Focus on Quality

While we may rely on our tried and tested faves, every beauty junkie knows there’s nothing more exciting than stocking up on the latest beauty buys everyone’s raving about. With regard to skincare, some of the most exciting launches are happening in the world of Korean beauty, most notably because their innovative products seem to be the key to achieving perfect skin.

As skincare enthusiasts here at KAMPAI and lovers of all things viral, we decided to try out some of the buzziest products on the K-beauty scene to see what all the hype is about.Our selection is not wide as many e commerce store we try to focus on the  most recent upcoming trend coming from Korea.

Our company’s strategy is to follow the customer in every step of the Kbeauty routine, market now is overwhelmed by too many products and a correct informative content are the key to better exploit the cosmetic we purchase; for this reason we want to stay continuously in contact with our friends and knowing more about your skincare habits!

Why Korean Skincare

The use of natural ingredients for beauty care in Korea dates back to ancient times and many brands reflect this tradition in a holistic approach. Rice water, algae, honey, camellia, etc. the list is vast. The Korean technological avant-garde combined with this heritage of naturalness make these products a seductive elixir extraordinary.
In Korea, beauty means having a healthy, young and luminous skin. Hence the continuous anti-aging innovations; from the Anti Aging creams which are now a globally recognized staple, to the latest trends such as face and eye lifting masks, all-in-one plumping vials and essences for each skin layer. For a bright and young skin, we need to keep it intensely hydrated and nourished, at all times. One innovation after another, skin care products with increasingly lasting results and easy application. Do not miss our little magic tricks to get your shine 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.