Definitely before getting a sheet mask you need to cleanse your skin properly with a cleanser. All our Vitamin Mask has in the Step 1 an amazing cleansing pad that helps you exfoliate and clean deeply your skin.

  1.  Tear open the pouch at the top and pull out your mask. The mask will dipping out, make sure to wipe up the drips with a towel handy. Lucky Korean sheet mask abound of moisture and there is always enough to make their job done.
  2.  Sometimes mask will come with a plastic backing – do not forget to remove it! Unless the manufacturer indicate on the label it shouldn’t matter which side you apply on your face. Unfold the mask and place it it on your face fixing the holes with the nose, mouth and eyes.
  3.  As I said before Korean sheet mask are extremely generous with the moisture so apply the excess essence to your neck shoulders and hand. Those essence are  very precious don’t let them get wasted!
  4.  Take a power nap, read your notes, drink your bubble tea and let it chill out for twenty-thirty minutes.
  5.  When you are ready just peel off the mask and discard it. Don’t wash off your face  because the essence left is very good for your skin.
  6.  Watch yourself at the mirror and you will look brighter and slightly plumper from the moisture just absorbed.
  7.  Feel your skin and touch it. It should feel velvety smooth!